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Carefully crafted vector graphics for HMI, SCADA and industrial applications.

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  • Engineers
  • Application Integrators
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  • Industrial Applications


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Professional graphics for your industrial application

We’ve spent hundreds of hours crafting this graphics library, specifically for SCADA and industrial automation applications.


Everything you need for a modern industrial application that will impress your clients.


Our industrial graphics library is vector-based, making each icon infinitely scalable to suit your exact needs.


Comes pre-sized and exported in 5 unique file formats. Every graphics package includes .SVG, .AI, .EPS, .PNG, and .JPG files.


We work with a precise pixel grid system to be sure the icons scale and resize proportionally. Our HMI graphics will be crisp and clear in your mobile, desktop and HDPI environments.


We’ve spent hundreds of hours crafting this graphics library specifically for SCADA and industrial automation applications.


Working with vector, or SVG, graphics gives you the flexibility to change size, color or shapes as you please! The sources design files are included for easy customization.


You can even target and edit the SVG properties of each icon to add your own custom animations.

5 File Formats Included

Each of our 150 and counting unique graphics is delivered in five file formats, including SVG, JPG, PNG, AI, and EPS.

Your download includes our original vector design files, the pre-exported SVG files and all other common graphics formats with multiple sizes. Raster graphics are pre-exported for you at 1x, 2x and 3x sizes.

Over 150 Unique Industrial Graphics

Each of our 150 and counting unique graphics is delivered in five file formats, including SVG, JPG, PNG, AI, and EPS.

The full collection includes over 150 custom designed, unique graphics for your industrial application. From buttons and gauges to the hyper-specific emulsifiers and conveyor graphics, this package has you covered.

We’re actively developing more HMI graphics right now, what should we design next?

Scalable Vector Graphics

Our industrial graphics are 100% vector, and include the source files.
This enables you to easily change the size, scale and colors of your graphics.


150 unique graphics in 3 organized packages

We’ve spent hundreds of hours crafting this graphics library, specifically for SCADA and industrial automation applications.

The HMIcons industrial graphics library is organized into three packages: The Chemical package, Food & Beverage package and the Master collection. Our Master Collection includes everything we offer as well as a Bonus Package of 200 basic interface icons!

Choose a single package below, or save $89 and buy the Master Collection.

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Download our 20 best graphics for FREE, right now.

Latest from our SCADA Design Blog:

How can effective design improve your SCADA application?

It’s no secret that the interface design phase comes towards the end of industrial application SCADA projects. Operators, engineers and systems integrators prefer to focus on functionality, first and foremost. And for good reason! The SCADA applications and HMIs we create tend to control and monitor the world’s most important infrastructures. Functionality and alarming matters. That said, an effective look into a SCADA apps interface design and underlying operator experience, or OX, can have massive implications when it comes to the underlying functionality.

Consider this, a SCADA system may have all the right buttons and dials to effectively control a process, but without an ease of use and operator understanding of the interface via design of the interface, the underlying functionality cannot be accessed. It’s akin to a user manual which explains everything you need to know, yet it’s written in a language you do not understand! All of that data and process control is built into the project at some level, but your users, the operators, are unable to easily access it.

So, what’s the solution? As always, the solution is complex, yet surprisingly simple. Interface and operator experience design needs to have a seat at the table from a SCADA projects inception. An application’s structure, scope and architecture dictates so much of the end user experience. Including a design presence at every stage of your SCADA application’s build process will ensure a more effective solution.

When a SCADA application is effectively designed, with the operator’s in mind, amazing things happen. Time required for training decreases, because the interface is self explanatory, consistent and feels intuitive to even new hires. Maintenance costs decrease, because there’s a consistent design style guide with documentation which can be leveraged in the development and engineering of future screens. Additionally, and most importantly the operator’s effectiveness in using the interface of your SCADA application will rise. UX design considers the user, asks questions and provides context in a way that cannot be undermined.

It’s a new approach to SCADA and HMI projects. First, we consider the user, then we design the exact proper application which will help them to reach their goals effectively. The more traditional way of building an application first, then training our operators in its functionality is more dated. You allow yourself and your application to swim with the flow, rather than against the current when you design for your user, not for the functionality of a SCADA project. User-first approach leads to more effective, usable apps, and more repeat business for the system integrator(s). It’s a win-win-win approach!