High Performance HMI Color Palettes

High performance displays depict information. Information is data, in context, made useful. HPHMI graphics show not only the process value, but where it is relative to “what’s good.” Abnormal conditions are designed to stand out clearly. Color is used consistently, effectively, and sparingly. Graphics are designed with a proper hierarchy.

Ok, so you’ve decided to go for it and craft a high performance HMI design for your process or client’s process as a control engineer. At this point you may begin to design screens or outline a style guide for the industrial application. How do you choose the exact colors that you might use?

Luckily we’re saved you time by doing that tough work up front and pulling together a few example color palettes that you might consider using in your next industrial application. See below for the exact high performance color codes we might suggest putting into place on your next industrial dashboard design project.

High Performance Color Palette – Grayscale

This high performance color palette is strictly grayscale, meaning there are no tints to the neutral colors in use. It’s highly legible, easy to implement and easily extensible with a brand or product’s colors.

Here’s what this palette might look like applied to a few example components.

High Performance Color Palette – Warm Tints

This next palette mirrors the first, but leans more heavily into warm hues and tints of each color. This may be easier on the operators eyes, and also makes the entire industrial application design feel more friendly and approachable.

Here’s the warm palette applied to a few industrial automation components again – coloring the high performance HMI.

So, there you have it – a few sample color palettes for implementation on your next high performance HMI, or industrial SCADA application. If you found this article helpful, please share it or show your thanks by purchasing the HMI Icons Master Collection. It’s our graphics library containing over 150 custom designed, unique graphics for your industrial application. From buttons and gauges to the hyper-specific emulsifiers and conveyor graphics, this package has you covered.

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