Standard License

How can you use HMIcons?

In short, you can use HMIcons for:
  • An unlimited number of commercial or personal projects
  • Any type of projects: templates, website design, industrial application design… even logos!
  • For yourself or on behalf of a client
But you’re limited in 2 ways:
  • No more than 20 icons per project/website/application.
    The 20 icons limit is per unique icon design. If you use an icon with different PNG sizes, it just counts as 1 icon. If you use an icon with different versions (red color, yellow color, etc.), it still just count as 1 icon.
  • No more than 2 users in your organization can use these graphics.

If you need to remove these limitations, purchase the Extended License.

Standard License agreement

This is a legal agreement between you, the purchaser, and HMIcons. By purchasing or downloading the “HMIcons” icons library from our website you agree to the following:

All the icons remain the property of HMIcons. You will receive digital icon files and a royalty-free license to use those files within your own personal and commercial projects.

You’re allowed to…
  • Use the royalty-free icons for any personal, commercial project including web design, software, application, advertising, film, video, computer game, gui design, illustration, for you or for your clients, without having to pay additional licensing fees.
  • Use the premium icons in templates that you create and you resell, (within a limit of 20 icons used).
  • You can use the icons for an unlimited number of projects, for you own projects or your customers projects.
  • Use the icons in your application, even in a wire-framing or design application, within a limit of 20 icons used per project/website/application. If you want to use more than 20 icons in your application, purchase an “Unlimited Icons License”.
  • There is no limit of users for the application, or visitors for the website you’ve created using the HMIcons icons.
  • Up to 2 users are allowed to use the Icons within your organization or company.
    You have more than 2 users? Purchase an “Extended User License”
  • Modify The Icons in shape, color, size and/or file format and use the modified icons according to these license terms for any personal or commercial project.
You’re not allowed to…
  • You cannot use more than 20 icons in an online/offline application.
  • The Icons may not be resold, sub-licensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use or detached from a product, software application or web page.
  • Making modifications or alterations to any of our icons or other materials does not allow you to then sell or license them.
Fair use of our icons
  • You cannot use the HMIcons Icons in a way that competes with us.
  • You cannot use our icons as the main value of a product for resale, license or other distribution. For example, you cannot use our icons to sell patterns, T-shirts, backgrounds where our icons bring the main value and you just reproduce our icons.

These icons are provided as-is without any express or implied warranty.

Due to the digital nature of the graphics, no refunds, returns or exchanges are available after purchase.